Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 10/14/2021 - 5:00 PM
Type: Info
Subject: 21. Margaret Rankin - RE: Board Members to Put Students First / Toxic Environment
Amongst Board Members and the Citizens it Serves / Reminder of the Boards Role
According to VA Code
22. Andrea Breckner - RE: School Board Accepting Home Testing for Athletes/Providing
Testing for Athletes & Activity Members (Including a Saliva Test Option)/The
Importance of Physical Activity As A Means of Wellness for Best Covid Outcome/SPS
Should Be Doing Everything Possible to Make Physical Activity Participation
Accessible & Fair to All Students
23. Angela Kilgore - RE: School Board Approved Mandates/Certified Teachers Being
Rejected for Open Positions/HR Sending Response Letters to Applicants for Jobs Not
Applied For/CRT/Funding Allocations/School Maintenance Cost/Double Paying
Contracts/Disrespect Shown to Parents at School Board Meetings/Vaccination
Mandates/Student Disciplinary Actions for TickTock Games/School Security/Financial
Allocations for Mental Health of Children
24. Jacky Musick-Maggio - RE: Transportation/Bullying/Dress Code
25. Dr. Steven Blunt - RE: Support of Superintendent and Responsibilities of the Board
vs. The Role of the Superintendent
26. Jonathan Powell - RE: The Past Activities and Actions of the Board
Strategic Plan - Priority Focus Areas:
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Dr. John Gordon III - Superintendent